September Sabbitical

We are taking off the month of September for a myriad of reasons that all boil down to mental health. There are so many life events happening at once PLUS the first anniversary of Fave Hot Sauce, so we’ll get back in October ake Favetober.

Meanwhile, please check out our latest, special video episode featuring Will Dawson (@dawsonink) and yours truly LIVE in New Orleans. Enjoy and be blessed!

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Episode 12: Howlin’ Wolf Tickets [VIDEO]

In Episode 12, Will Dawson (e.g., Dawson Eats America, Verses & Flow, etc.) joins us for our first-ever video episode featuring Howler Monkey Hot Sauce. This is the result of two content creators with nothing but Macbooks, iPhones, a ZOOM account, and an Amazon Wishlist. Watch the video NOW 🙂 1

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