Back in the Bayou For the First Time

Lost in the Sauce
Lost in the Sauce
Back in the Bayou For the First Time

Back in the bayous of Louisiana to explore D.a.T. Sauce from Morgan City. Aside from the bright label and rich color of the sauce, this is yet another condiment from what many regard as the hot sauce mecca of the United States. As we base its greatness on aroma, texture, and taste we can wait to see where D.a.T. Sauce lands on the flame rating spectrum.

We also pause to celebrate three (3) digital culinarians who truly inspire LITS and beyond with their creations:

  • Chef Lovely teases our digital taste buds with her CLT (Chef Lovely Tips) on social media as well as on her OWN Network TV show, Lovely Bites.
  • The Kitchenista is the epitome of culinary integrity and flair; her cookbooks are dope, too.
  • SoulPhoodie is consistent and creative with their apparel and celebration of beautiful blackness and scrumptious food.

Get to know them and tell them Fave sent ya. Heh.

[Featured 🎶🎶 by The Big La and Onra]

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