One-Sentence Description
A celebration of hot sauce makers and lovers from around the world.
Full Description
Lost in the Sauce (LITS) is a podcast that explores and reviews hot sauce, from commercial giants to local entrepreneurs. We review sauces based on aroma, texture, and taste to give an overall “flame rating” of one to five. Learn the story of each hot sauce brand and hear suggestions on what delicious meals would pair well with the inferno.  
And we do it all in under ten minutes.
Hosted by award-winning podcaster, Fave (e.g., Friday Favecast, GRAMMYS, SoulBounce, etc.), Lost in the Sauce is fun, informative, and inspiring while celebrating culinary creativity. 
Episode Details
Our episodes are published every Friday at Noon CST. Episodes are produced and hosted by Fave, with special edition video episodes featuring guest co-host, Will Dawson (i.e., Dawson’s Ink, Dawson Eats America, etc.)
Episode Details
  • Schedule: Weekly episodes published on Fridays
  • Length: > 10 minutes.
  • Format: First 2 minutes of each episode contain introductions and announcements; the main episode features the hot sauce review, rating, and where to put the sauce; and the end-of-episode section is our thank you note, upcoming episode announcement, and final thoughts.
Main Intro
LITS Show Intro 
Episode Intro
Welcome x Gratitude
The Recipe
The Review
Flame Rating (1-5)
Put Me On
Suggested pairings
Brand Connection (website, social media, etc.)
Episode Outro
Final Thoughts
Main Outro
LITS Show Outro and CTA
Where to Start? There is no sequence. Start wherever you’d like!
Mission Statement
To celebrate the artistry and culture of hot sauce makers and lovers in order to better understand the power of small changes in our lives (and the world) through the celebration of hot sauce and those driven to create it.
Our Values
LITS is an independent podcast, developed as a social engagement dimension of the Fave Hot Sauce LLC brand. As a longstanding member of the podcasting community, we are dedicated to connecting with like-minded listeners and content creators to collaborate, build strategic alliances, and create great podcasts. 
LITS is a diverse, unapologetic voice; we are blessed to have a platform built on the narrative of encouragement, entertainment, and excellence — shared from a perspective that reflects the diaspora of its creator. We are constantly evolving and welcome feedback that helps us understand what’s working, what’s not, and what changes we should make. 


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