The Five Pillars of LITS

We have developed five (5) pillars that hold the soul of LITS:

01 HOT Reviews – to consistently deliver hot sauce reviews that are honest, open, and transparent to give the listeners a true perspective and not influenced by the brands we review. This reveals authenticity and builds trust.
02 Creative Culinary Recommendations – to share creative meals and dishes that complement the sauces we review, in order to open the listener’s mind to new ideas while encouraging them to try the sauce we’re reviewing.
03 Entrepreneurial Spirit – to celebrate the entrepreneurs who are fortunate to live on purpose through their passion for hot sauce and share their unique journey that’s still in progress.
04 Modicum of Faith – to produce a show that is small on timing but big on flow, information, and energy; symbolizing the huge impact that comes from having a small amount of faith.
05 Culture + Community – to build a narrative that goes beyond traditional hot sauce marketing themes in order to amplify the cultures and communities that represent a spectrum of diverse, hot sauce stories.
About the Author
Host of Lost in the Sauce and founder of Fave Hot Sauce LLC.

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