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Lost in the Sauce (LITS) is a podcast celebrating hot sauce makers and lovers from around the world. We review sauces on aroma, texture, and taste before giving it an official “flame rating.”

Get Lost in the Episodes

Hosted by award-winning podcaster, Fave (e.g., Friday Favecast, GRAMMYS, SoulBounce, etc.), LITS is fun, informative and inspiring while celebrating culinary creativity. And we do it all under 10 minutes. Listen to the latest episode below.

Journey To The Southside Of Africa

Lost in the Sauce
Journey To The Southside Of Africa

LITS Squad

The LITS TEAM consists of seasoned content creators and social media pioneers with several years of combined podcasting experience (and they love food, too.)

Calling all hot sauce makers...

We would love to review your sauce. Watch the video and click that big ol’ red button!